That “Lomo” look

I stumbled onto the  site after the BBC website did a feature on the Soviet era Lomo LC-A – Lomo Kompact Automat.  The Lomography website includes many examples of this characteristic Lomo look and I don’t know why, but I really like it.  I’m actually quite tempted to take the plunge and have a go although the thought of snapping through a roll of film and then sending it away to be developed is somewhat strange.

As usual I got distracted while checking our ebay to see what second hand Lomo cameras were available.  There are some bargains to be had but what has caught my attention is a Russian rangefinder Zorka 4.  I’m wondering if shooting film in a 60’s built second hand camera will also give some unique and characteristic images.  I hope so, I’m going to try and buy one.

In the meantime, here is my digital attempt at a Lomo inspired look.



New York Taxis

Interesting or over done?

I really like the selective colour technique.  I think it works well on this shot but perhaps I am in the minority.  Feel free to give me your view or share your own selective colour shots.

More from Hudson River

I was looking through more shots from the set that my Williamsburg Bridge shot came from. I remember the boat tour well and I remember how difficult it was to frame shots without getting on the nerves of all the other fellow tourists.

After some tweaks I’m quite happy with these two shots. I especially like those “Simpsons” clouds in the Padded Wagon sky.

Williamsburg Bridge

Just been inspired (by a set of images that Marina Chetner published on to dig out this photo that I took while on vacation back in 2008. I got this during our obligatory Hudson River tour. 
Williamsburg Bridge is one of many impressive bridges along the river but I like this one especially because of the old factory in the background. I tried to reflect an old industrial look in this version. 


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