Some English Countryside

The English countryside, its growth and its destruction, is a genuine and tragic theme.
E. M. Forster




Wet and windy Rutland

While visiting the UK over the Christmas holidays, my wife and I took some time out from the family to visit Rutland water. After a fantastic pub lunch we drove around to the south shore and took a wet and windy walk along the edge of the reservoir.

Rutland water was created in the 70’s to meet the water needs of an increasing local population and involved the flooding of many small villages, farms and fields. One such village was Normanton and all that remains are a few farms, a hotel and cottages. The remains of the Church can be seen at the edge of the water.

As usual my trusty Fujifilm X100 was able to bear the cold miserable weather to capture some nice moody shots of the church, and one of the Pub of course.

Up and down the Thames

Some shots from a visit to London a few years back.  It’s amazing what you find while trawling through old files.  I hope you like them.

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