A crisp evening in Göteborg

Last week I was visiting colleagues in Göteborg. We have an office just off the shipping lane close to the landmark Ericsberg crane.  The area used to be a busy ship building area but these days it’s a filled with smart looking apartment blocks, hotels and offices.

Taking advantage of clear skys and crisp clean air, I thought I would take myself and my new camera for yet another evening stroll. I am still really pleased with how the pictures I shot in Turin came out and I was hoping that I would get an equally high level of satisfaction from these.  Having just looked through them on my larger computer screen, I am far from being disappointed.

This first shot was taken as I left the office on the way to the hotel.  The sun had just dropped behind a blooming steam cloud from a distant chimney stack.

Göteborg at dusk

The lens I have been using is what is available as a kit lens together with the X-E1. I have to say this 18-55 is really more than just a kit lens. The build quality is great and it seems sharp throughout it’s range. It’s not the fastest in terms of XF lenses available and sometimes it hunts for focus in low light but the results so far are more then impressing me. Together with the X-trans sensor, this lens is rendering some great images. More than I would expect from a bundled combo.

Göteborg at dusk


A weekend in Gothenburg

A few weekends back I was visiting a good friend who lives on the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden.  This was the perfect opportunity to try out a Sony Cybershot RX100 that I’ve borrowed.

I find this to be a really interesting camera in that it’s tiny (pocketable in fact) but has a sensor of equivalent size to the Nikon V1.  What’s more is that the sensor boasts a whopping 20 Megapixel.  It also has a really bright F1.4 to 4.9 Zeiss lens.

To me this is just the thing I would like to have with me ALL the time.  There has been so many times when I’ve wished I had a camera with me other than my smartphone camera. With the size of this thing, there is really no excuse to be without a decent camera.

I’m not at all intending to review this camera.  All I will say is that I find the images that came out of it as simply amazing all considering.

Success with birds

Specifically with some Finch’s that took up temporary residence on my friends boat as we left a small town of the east coast of Sweden (near Gothenburg). The breakfast crumbs were obviously too much to resist along with the four hungover whiskey monsters.

Other than pick up my D80 and fire away, I had not to do much to get some interesting shots.

I guess the combination of low morning sun, white of the boat, clear sky reflecting of sparkling clear water made for perfect lighting.

Love the bokeh in this one.

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