Local inferno

How the fire started is subject to much speculation here in Wiesbaden. The result as can seen here was devastating.

A few weeks ago we awoke to the continuous noise of fire engine sirens. It was just past 1 am and the the engines sounded like they were literally in front of our apartment building… they were!

Upon looking out of the window the reason for all the noise was clear. Not 500 meters from where we live, a 1,200 meter square wood storage building was completely engulfed in flames. 200 firefighters attended the blaze.

The storage building is was part of a family wood company that goes back 100 years. Luckily the company has the resources to rebuild.

Snapseed for iPad has done a great job pulling detail and structure from the X100 raw files.


Roll on May

Today I’m waving goodbye to those late April showers.

Two weeks in Cyprus here we come 🙂

Leaving Detroit

Here I am after my weeks tour of American based car manufactures.  
It’s been a good week with lots of positive discussion that should result in some future business opportunities.  
I didn’t have a camera with me on this trip which I now regret. I was at downtown Detroit yesterday evening and I would have loved to of got some shots of some of the old abandoned buildings. The central station building for example, a fine piece of architecture just left empty and exposed. It’s a photographers dream but on the other-side it’s a sign of the times we’re in and representative of the problems that Detroits industry and inhabitants have faced the past years. 
Today I was in GM where in the lobby they had a magnificent old Cadillac. Bright red with chrome gleaming from all angles. That’s from an era that can easily be forgotten when visiting Detroit today. I think that’s a shame.  
I’ve found a shot that I took last year in Sweden. It’s an old Pontiac Bonneville that I guess is a model from back in the 1960’s and was for sure built somewhere close to where I have been the past few days. 

Snapseed Just got better

This app is so cool and it just got better.

Today Nixsoftware released version V1.3 of it’s iPad photography app. I have the complete Nixsoftware range as a plugin for Aperture so when they released their iPad app a few months back I was interested to see what it was like.

Actually these days I’m using Snapseed a lot. The possibility to apply creative filters at various levels of subtlety on the go makes this app really interesting. The ingenious user interface is what really attracted me to this app. It’s obviously written to make the most of the iPad’s touchscreen technology and you can make the choice, simply apply the filter as provided or modify the effect as you wish.

Version 1.3 now provides a tilt-shift effect. This is an effect that seems to be in trend at the moment where a photo/video of a life sized location or subject appears as a miniature-scale model. A really nice addition to an already great photography app.

Another recent photo from Borkum beach takes this effect quite well I think.

Goodbye Borkum

Had a nice week in Borkum with the wife and baby. For a short escape away I can recommend it. Some really nice holiday apartments to rent, a great coastline (even in choppy weather) and some quaint little places to eat.

Last day off today to tidy a few things up and then back to the daily routine tomorrow… I guess this leaving picture of Borkum says it all.

No more posts.