A crisp evening in Göteborg

Last week I was visiting colleagues in Göteborg. We have an office just off the shipping lane close to the landmark Ericsberg crane.  The area used to be a busy ship building area but these days it’s a filled with smart looking apartment blocks, hotels and offices.

Taking advantage of clear skys and crisp clean air, I thought I would take myself and my new camera for yet another evening stroll. I am still really pleased with how the pictures I shot in Turin came out and I was hoping that I would get an equally high level of satisfaction from these.  Having just looked through them on my larger computer screen, I am far from being disappointed.

This first shot was taken as I left the office on the way to the hotel.  The sun had just dropped behind a blooming steam cloud from a distant chimney stack.

Göteborg at dusk

The lens I have been using is what is available as a kit lens together with the X-E1. I have to say this 18-55 is really more than just a kit lens. The build quality is great and it seems sharp throughout it’s range. It’s not the fastest in terms of XF lenses available and sometimes it hunts for focus in low light but the results so far are more then impressing me. Together with the X-trans sensor, this lens is rendering some great images. More than I would expect from a bundled combo.

Göteborg at dusk


An evening stroll around Turin

Last week I had the opportunity to spend an evening in Turin which gave me the chance to try out my new Fuji X-E1 camera with 18-55mm kit lens.  I’ve blogged before about how fantastic the X100 is in low light (see https://fotomind.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/eiffel-tower-meets-x100/ and https://fotomind.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/a-few-more-shots-of-paris-by-night/) so I was really interested to see if the X-E1 would be as good or perhaps even better.

I must confess that as I had people with me, I pretty much let the camera do its own thing.  ISO was limited to 6400. The only thing I did try for some shots was the manual focus which compared to the X100, is way better to handle. This makes the future prospect of buying some old M-Mount lenses and an adapter really exciting (I just hope Fuji will introduce focus peaking in a coming FW update).

Typical for Fuji, the jpeg engine is awesome.  To be honest I’m blown away and I’m so glad that I was able to resist the distraction of the new Sony Nex 6 which very nearly pulled me from going for the Fuji.

An evening stroll around Turin, Italy.

With auto focus the camera did hunt around a bit in really dimly lit situations but nothing that distracted from the pleasure of using this camera.

An evening stroll around Turin, Italy.

I’m no camera reviewer so I’m going to stop here.  All I can say is that I am definitely not regretting making a further investment into the Fuji X series and I am really looking forward to getting more and more familiar with this camera.

An eery stairwell

Other than working off the Christmas paunch, this I guess is another reason why taking the stairs can be more profitable than using the elevator.   
Actually I took this while in Nantes just before Christmas.  I was staying a few nights in Hotel Graslin which I can highly recommend if you are looking for a small but centrally located hotel.
I never really thought much of this picture until I played with the levels a bit.  It’s yet another example of just how much the X100 can capture in low light.  I’m quite pleased with the end result.  There is not a great deal going on in this shot but I think it’s interesting nonetheless.


Christmas is coming

We are into December and Christmas is looming. So far I have to say, I haven’t given Christmas much thought. I should, it’s the first Christmas for our daughter (although she will be too young to know any different), and it is the first Christmas ever that I will not be a home for Christmas day. Instead I’ll be going to my wife’s parents and then travelling to the UK to visit my parents after Christmas. That’s breaking a 34 year tradition and yet still I haven’t given it much thought. Just too busy I guess.  
That is until today.  
I’m visiting one of our factories in Nantes (western France located on the Loire river). I had some time to before meeting a friend for dinner so I though I would have a quick walk around and see if I can find anything interesting to photograph.  
I stumbled into a fantastic shopping alley called le Passage Pommeraye. I don’t know why but seeing this just woke me up to Christmas. A traditional old shopping alley preserved in it’s original architecture and decorated splendidly.  
It looks better in real life but I hope you enjoy these shots. 


A few more shots of Paris by night

Having looked again at the shots from last Monday in Paris, I decided to post a few more. I’ve worked on these a bit and I’m really happy with them.

I’m still amazed at how the X100 handles low light. I could never dream of getting these shots with my good old D80 unless I’d used a tripod.

It’s quirky and it needs time, but so far, I’m far from regretting my X100 investment.

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