Cello strings


Up and down the Thames

Some shots from a visit to London a few years back.  It’s amazing what you find while trawling through old files.  I hope you like them.

A view from the 60’s

Not really, but it could be. Actually it was taken last year in a side street off Portobello road. I really like these two shots because it’s one of those rare moments where nobody really noticed the camera. Well it’s rare for me and I guess that’s the essence of street photography.  

Hopefully this is something I can get more practice at.  

Jack Sparrow in Covent Garden

or should that be Captain Jack Sparrow!

Couldn’t resist. What a fantastic impersonator!

I’ve no idea if this guy has made this his profession but I gather he is often to be found around Covent Garden.

It’s difficult to see from the photo but the mannerisms and gestures were just perfect. My wife adores Johnny Depp, especially in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, so to bump into this guy was a real treat.

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