Graffiti Kunst at the Schlachthof

Close to the memorial that I wrote about in my previous post, is the old Schlachthof (slaughterhouse).  It’s no longer functioning as a slaughterhouse, instead it’s part of a regenerated area of Wiesbaden that offers an alternative to traditional cultural events such as Rock, Metal and Punk concerts, Music parties and Poetry Slams.  It’s also a place where many Graffiti artists are displaying their latest creations.

It’s really heaven for anybody who likes street/graffiti art.  What I like is that with every visit you will see something different as the walls are often refreshed ready for the next graffiti to be sprayed on.

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Deportation Denkmal (Memorial)


This is one of the last photos that I made with my X-E1 before trading it in for the X-E2.

This photorealistic graffiti art depicting the last Nazi deportation of Jewish citizens in Wiesbaden is by the graffiti artist Yorkar7 and stands as a powerful memorial to the victims of Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. The last deportation of Wiesbaden Jews took place at the end of August 1942 from this very location.  The concrete loading ramp is still visible.

It’s located a short walk from the Wiesbaden main train station at the regenerated Schlachthof (slaughterhouse) which today provides a safe meeting place for the younger Wiesbaden population to test their skateboarding skills and freely practice graffiti art (post to follow).

A very modern and powerful memorial indeed.

Spooky window

Got this while out and about in Wiesbaden today. It’s actually the front window of a tattoo shop and I thought it would make a nice belated Halloween post.

A crisp evening in Göteborg

Last week I was visiting colleagues in Göteborg. We have an office just off the shipping lane close to the landmark Ericsberg crane.  The area used to be a busy ship building area but these days it’s a filled with smart looking apartment blocks, hotels and offices.

Taking advantage of clear skys and crisp clean air, I thought I would take myself and my new camera for yet another evening stroll. I am still really pleased with how the pictures I shot in Turin came out and I was hoping that I would get an equally high level of satisfaction from these.  Having just looked through them on my larger computer screen, I am far from being disappointed.

This first shot was taken as I left the office on the way to the hotel.  The sun had just dropped behind a blooming steam cloud from a distant chimney stack.

Göteborg at dusk

The lens I have been using is what is available as a kit lens together with the X-E1. I have to say this 18-55 is really more than just a kit lens. The build quality is great and it seems sharp throughout it’s range. It’s not the fastest in terms of XF lenses available and sometimes it hunts for focus in low light but the results so far are more then impressing me. Together with the X-trans sensor, this lens is rendering some great images. More than I would expect from a bundled combo.

Göteborg at dusk

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