Graffiti Kunst at the Schlachthof

Close to the memorial that I wrote about in my previous post, is the old Schlachthof (slaughterhouse).  It’s no longer functioning as a slaughterhouse, instead it’s part of a regenerated area of Wiesbaden that offers an alternative to traditional cultural events such as Rock, Metal and Punk concerts, Music parties and Poetry Slams.  It’s also a place where many Graffiti artists are displaying their latest creations.

It’s really heaven for anybody who likes street/graffiti art.  What I like is that with every visit you will see something different as the walls are often refreshed ready for the next graffiti to be sprayed on.

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Deportation Denkmal (Memorial)


This is one of the last photos that I made with my X-E1 before trading it in for the X-E2.

This photorealistic graffiti art depicting the last Nazi deportation of Jewish citizens in Wiesbaden is by the graffiti artist Yorkar7 and stands as a powerful memorial to the victims of Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. The last deportation of Wiesbaden Jews took place at the end of August 1942 from this very location.  The concrete loading ramp is still visible.

It’s located a short walk from the Wiesbaden main train station at the regenerated Schlachthof (slaughterhouse) which today provides a safe meeting place for the younger Wiesbaden population to test their skateboarding skills and freely practice graffiti art (post to follow).

A very modern and powerful memorial indeed.

1st try – The Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm f/1.7

I mentioned in a previous post that once an adapter had arrived I would be able to try out my new (old) Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm 1.7.  Well yesterday morning with it firmly in place on my X-E2, I took a quick walk through Wiesbaden to see what I might be able to do with it.

I started out trying to focus with the focus peaking assist.  I had found this to work nicely with the Voigtländer CS but for some reason in combination with the Minolta, I just couldn’t get on with it.  I switched to Digital Split Image assist and this made things much better.  That’s strange because while trying out the CS I had almost written the split image function off as a wannabe rangefinder gimmick.  Seems I was wrong and I don’t know why but with this lens I actually prefer it.  I need to try it out again with the CS attached to see if it’s just me or if the two assist functions do in fact respond differently depending on the lens.

The lens itself sits nicely on the small X-E2 body with a nice balanced feel in the hand.  The lens is all metal with a nice finish.  I like the silver aperture ring as well as the profiled focusing ring.  The silver end to the lens gives it a nice premium look.  Like the CS, I think this lens looks fantastic on the X-E2 (photo to come later).

Using this lens was a breeze, especially with the split image assist function.  In some light conditions a higher contrast in the focus area would have been nice but even so, the more I get used to it the more I can say that manual focus on the X-E2 is actually fun to use.

Minolta Rokkor 55 1.7-6 Minolta Rokkor 55 1.7-5 Minolta Rokkor 55 1.7-3 Minolta Rokkor 55 1.7-2

oh and Honestly, I did not see that mysterious white hand between the window dressers legs when I took the shot.

Trying out the Voigtländer Color Skopar 21mm

I was out today playing with this nice little lens on my X-E2. The ability to now have red or blue focus peaking makes focusing a breeze.  This 21mm F4 pancake is apparently good for Landscape stuff and on the X-E2 it’s coming close to a classic 35mm field of view.  Even at F4 (this was shot wide open) the background blur is quite pleasant.

I guess with practice focusing will be a bit quicker.  This will be appreciated by anybody who happens to be walking with me (my 3 year old daughter for example).

I’m just waiting for an adapter to arrive that will allow me to try out a Minolta 55mm F1,7 that I found at a fair price on ebay.  In the meantime I’ll just keep practising with this little Voigtländer which by the way, I think it looks really great on the camera 🙂

21mm Colar Skopar Pancake-1

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