Graffiti Kunst at the Schlachthof

Close to the memorial that I wrote about in my previous post, is the old Schlachthof (slaughterhouse).  It’s no longer functioning as a slaughterhouse, instead it’s part of a regenerated area of Wiesbaden that offers an alternative to traditional cultural events such as Rock, Metal and Punk concerts, Music parties and Poetry Slams.  It’s also a place where many Graffiti artists are displaying their latest creations.

It’s really heaven for anybody who likes street/graffiti art.  What I like is that with every visit you will see something different as the walls are often refreshed ready for the next graffiti to be sprayed on.

DSCF2316-Edit-Edit-Edit DSCF2317-Edit-Edit DSCF2318-Edit-Edit DSCF2319-Edit-Edit DSCF2320-Edit-Edit-2 DSCF2322-Edit-Edit-2 DSCF2329-Edit-Edit DSCF2330-Edit-Edit-2


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