Deportation Denkmal (Memorial)


This is one of the last photos that I made with my X-E1 before trading it in for the X-E2.

This photorealistic graffiti art depicting the last Nazi deportation of Jewish citizens in Wiesbaden is by the graffiti artist Yorkar7 and stands as a powerful memorial to the victims of Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. The last deportation of Wiesbaden Jews took place at the end of August 1942 from this very location.  The concrete loading ramp is still visible.

It’s located a short walk from the Wiesbaden main train station at the regenerated Schlachthof (slaughterhouse) which today provides a safe meeting place for the younger Wiesbaden population to test their skateboarding skills and freely practice graffiti art (post to follow).

A very modern and powerful memorial indeed.


4 responses to Deportation Denkmal (Memorial)

    • fotomind – Author

      Hi Julia. Thanks for stopping by and reblogging. That’s awesome. Look out for my next post, I have some great Graffiti art to share. There is some unbelievable talent around.

      I like your “Das Deutschblog”. I’ll keep following as some of your posts may help me with my German😊.

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      • No problem. 🙂 I like your photos! And I would be honored if you learned some german from me. Die deutsche Sprache gefällt mir (/I like the german language).

        Thanks for the follow as well!


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