A new lease of life for the Fuji X100

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to fotomind. It’s not from the lack of wanting to, it’s more that time just didn’t allow it. We’ll now I guess it’s time to start finding time!

No photos in this post. Just some news.

For all Fuji X100 owners out there. In the off chance that you’ve missed the news, Fuji yesterday released FW version 2.0 (replacing version 1.3) for the camera that effectively launched Fujifilm’s X-system range of cameras and lenses. This is extraordinary considering the X100 was replaced earlier this year by the X100s. Even more extraordinary is that this is an update not only to fix a load of bugs, rather a major update bringing a load of enhancements to what would normally be considered a discontinued product.

Quicker AF, quicker camera start-up, closer AF (outside of macro mode), and finally a usable manual focus functionality. That means a more responsive focus ring and the addition of focus peaking (as introduced in the last FW update for the X-Pro1 and the X-E1).

All I can say is well done Fuji. It seems that our fantastic, retro cool X100’s, have just been given a new lease of life.


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