Quietly Chatting

Today I had a go at creating my first Cinemagraph.  A Cinemagraph is a still image that features a subtle area of movement.  I’ve seen a few on the web here and there and they have never failed to catch my attention.

I guess what I find interesting is that even the most mundane or “ordinary” scene seems to pull you in and you don’t really know why, that is until you spot the motion.  Quite eerie in someways.

Quietly chatting

This is straying somewhat from what I am normally posting here but I thought, why not.  Somebody who hasn’t seen this sort of thing before might just find it as interesting as I did.  Now that I know how it can be done, perhaps I’ll try my hand at making a few more.


2 responses to Quietly Chatting

  1. Nice….
    you have to try with more elements around, in a way to become more difficult to find the movement area; half of the picture is empty with the floor, and immediately there is the movement area.


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