crisscross shadows

Another one from my China trip. Took this in a small shopping centre in Pudong, Shanghai. I was surprised at the time about the lack of people. I’m not complaining though, this wouldn’t have been the same if the scene had been full of shoppers.




4 responses to crisscross shadows

  1. I spent some time in Shanghai last summer & expect to be there again this summer. I did not get to Pudong. Perhaps I need to. I stayed in the French Concession (& will again this summer), walked the Nanjing Lu and Bund, and spent an afternoon in Old Shanghai. Do you suggest any other places?


    • fotomind – Author

      Hi. You’re staying pretty much where I stayed back in 2005. Unfortunately back then and during my latest visit I had such a short amount of time outside of work activities that I have yet to get a good idea of what might be worth a visit other than what I experienced by chance. Sorry I can’t really help. All I know is that where ever you end up, they’ll be something worth looking at.


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