Williamsburg Bridge

Just been inspired (by a set of images that Marina Chetner published on marinachetner.com) to dig out this photo that I took while on vacation back in 2008. I got this during our obligatory Hudson River tour. 
Williamsburg Bridge is one of many impressive bridges along the river but I like this one especially because of the old factory in the background. I tried to reflect an old industrial look in this version. 



2 responses to Williamsburg Bridge

  1. this is a wonderful photo! great composition against the cloudy sky and the industrial surrounds. The factory is the background was the Domino Sugar Factory (now defunct) and will be converted into an apartment complex. Great location huh?


    • fotomind – Author

      Thanks Marina. It’s great that you liked it. Shame that the sugar factory is now defunct but you’re right, what an awesome place it will be to live


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