Merry Christmas

This Christmas has been a year of firsts. It’s the first year that I’ve ever spent Christmas Day away from my parents. It’s the first Christmas that I’ve celebrated together with my wife (we’ve always gone to our separate parents). It’s the first Christmas for our 6 month old daughter (the reason why now we will need to alternate between parents). Finally it’s the first Christmas where the main event has been on the 24th and not the 25th.  
We chose to celebrate with my wife’s parents this year. They live just outside Stuttgart, Germany. In Germany gifts are given and then Christmas dinner happens on Heiligen Abend. In England this would be our Christmas Eve. It’s different but really nice. We ate Fondue, again a first for me.  
The highlight for me was watching my daughters reaction to the Christmas Tree in full illumination, with real candles. It was beautiful and something I’ll remember for many Christmas’s to come.  

Merry Christmas everybody. I hope your time had been as special as mine.



2 responses to Merry Christmas

    • fotomind – Author

      Thanks Paprika. The last is also my favourite.

      I’ve just been checking out your blog, it’s really cool. Awesome photos and sketches, keep doing what you’re doing.


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