Christmas is coming

We are into December and Christmas is looming. So far I have to say, I haven’t given Christmas much thought. I should, it’s the first Christmas for our daughter (although she will be too young to know any different), and it is the first Christmas ever that I will not be a home for Christmas day. Instead I’ll be going to my wife’s parents and then travelling to the UK to visit my parents after Christmas. That’s breaking a 34 year tradition and yet still I haven’t given it much thought. Just too busy I guess.  
That is until today.  
I’m visiting one of our factories in Nantes (western France located on the Loire river). I had some time to before meeting a friend for dinner so I though I would have a quick walk around and see if I can find anything interesting to photograph.  
I stumbled into a fantastic shopping alley called le Passage Pommeraye. I don’t know why but seeing this just woke me up to Christmas. A traditional old shopping alley preserved in it’s original architecture and decorated splendidly.  
It looks better in real life but I hope you enjoy these shots. 



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