Leaving Detroit

Here I am after my weeks tour of American based car manufactures.  
It’s been a good week with lots of positive discussion that should result in some future business opportunities.  
I didn’t have a camera with me on this trip which I now regret. I was at downtown Detroit yesterday evening and I would have loved to of got some shots of some of the old abandoned buildings. The central station building for example, a fine piece of architecture just left empty and exposed. It’s a photographers dream but on the other-side it’s a sign of the times we’re in and representative of the problems that Detroits industry and inhabitants have faced the past years. 
Today I was in GM where in the lobby they had a magnificent old Cadillac. Bright red with chrome gleaming from all angles. That’s from an era that can easily be forgotten when visiting Detroit today. I think that’s a shame.  
I’ve found a shot that I took last year in Sweden. It’s an old Pontiac Bonneville that I guess is a model from back in the 1960’s and was for sure built somewhere close to where I have been the past few days. 


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