I need vacation

Had a good day in Chattanooga today. Our customer meeting went well and things look good for the future. I even had a chance to take a look around downtown and had a great lunch at the Bluewater Grille. Jerk Swordfish, yumyum.  
Now I’m back at the airport waiting for my flight up to Detroit. I’m tired and I’m thinking I really need vacation.  
Our last vacation outside of Germany was before our daughter was born. She is 6 months old this week. We had a week on Gran Canaria at the Sheraton Salobre Golf Hotel. It was great. I often look at these pics as a reminder of a great peaceful location perfect just to chill, clear ones mind and get away from the daily grind.  


Roll on Crimbo. We’ll be visiting my parents in the Uk. It’s not quite sun and sea, but it will be relaxing non-the-less.


One response to I need vacation

  1. Photos look great! I just came back from a holiday, but feel I could go back and try another one!!! Darn, my wanderlust must be flaring again!


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